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Scoot Boot 3-degree Wedge Pad - Pair

Scoot Boot 3-degree Wedge Pad - Pair

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The Scoot Wedge Pad is made of soft rubber. It is designed to lift the rear of the back hooves in the Scoots to improve the fit and comfort. This pad will provide great relief to horses suffering from issues such as caudal heel pain as a result of under-run heels.

The 3 Degree Wedge is available in sizes 00-9

*If used with Scoot Slims you will need to cut the pads to shape.

The following video shows the regular pads, not the wedge pads, but will give you an idea of how they go in the boots. 

Please note that wedge pads affect where the heel strap sits on the horse. These are designed for use only in horses with very low heels. 


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