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Scoot Boot LONG Front Toe Strap - single

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This listing is for ONE SINGLE long black toe strap. These are 10mm longer than the standard toe straps that come with the boots. Typically they will replace the top strap on a boot worn by a horse with more upright conformation where the standard toe strap may be hard to fasten. The long straps only come in black. 

The front toe closure straps are designed to make the application and removal process of the Scoot Boot very simple and practical. As with the pastern strap, the front closure straps are made of thermoplastic urethane (TPU), which has excellent strength and flexibility.


Here is a video on installing straps yourself should you break a strap or decide to change colors:

Not shown in video: You can dunk the straps in hot tap water to make them easier to put on.  


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