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Heat Fitting Your Scoot Boots for Optimal Fit

If your Scoot Boots are overall a good fit, but just a bit tight at the heel, heat stretching may be the perfect solution to customize the fit perfectly for your horse. Boots can easily be stretched 5 millimeters (1/8") or more which will add a full size to your heel straps. 

I can heat fit the heel straps for you, or, you can do it yourself. It's not that difficult, and will save on shipping if you already have your boots. 

There are two methods of heat stretching: boiling water, or a heat gun. I recommend boiling water if you haven't done a heat stretch before. It ensures the straps will be heated evenly, and reduces the chance of overheating and breaking the straps. And, pretty much everyone has access to boiling water!

A heat gun used properly (watch the video!) will get the job done a little more quickly and as long as you keep the gun a couple inches away, wave it, and don't heat for too long, it is also not too difficult.

I have heat fit hundreds of pairs with a heat gun and never felt close to breaking one. But, I have heard stories! So if you're not generally good with tools, I would recommend either using boiling water, or having me do your heat fit.

Heat fitting does void your 90-day warranty. This is not something I worry about too much, but you may want to inspect your boots for other issues before heat fitting so that if there are any issues that would require warranty replacement, you can get those taken care of. 

Here are the videos. The first one is how to do it with boiling water. Even if using that method it would be good to watch both videos as the heat gun video goes into a little more detail on factors that apply to both methods. 

Heat Fitting with Boiling Water:

Heat Fitting with a Heat Gun: