*** Click HERE for info on our Scoot Boot and Equine Fusion hoof boot FITTING AND TRIAL/DEMO program--- Thank you!

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Welcome to my store! I am a fully-stocked US Scoot Boot and Equine Fusion Jogging Boots dealer. Tired of buying boots that don't work for your horse? I help you get the right fit on your boots anywhere in the USA. I send multiple sizes for you to try on, and offer 2 week trials on boot purchases. Click here for more info on our fitting and trial program: Timberline Tack Fitting and Trial Program, and contact us after your next trim for a fitting!  

I am an endurance rider and together with a few friends test all the gear I sell, over tough terrain on our own adventures in the Rockies. I don't sell anything I don't love. 

If you are local to Bozeman, Montana, you can also make an appointment to visit us at our Timberline Tackroom! Horses welcome for boot fitting or to try on other tack. We also do onsite visits on a limited basis and post-Covid plan on once again having a booth set up at various local and national events. Please browse our products and feel free to ask any questions or make an appointment!

Facebook Messenger:   https://www.facebook.com/karen.t.cox.3

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Timberline Tack
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