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Scoot Boots - The Boots that Stay On - Even when You Don't

Dakota and I had (mostly) a great week of riding the last week of May. Dakota is one of two Arabian half-brothers we picked up about 18 months ago. They were 11 years old and had never been trained. We trained them ourselves and they have been coming along nicely (or so I thought ;) ... more on that later). My husband was away rafting the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon and I was feeling confident enough about Dakota to get him out by myself and then with some friends and put our Scoot Boots to the test. We first did a 7 mile ride around our Bozeman Pass neighborhood alone. Our roads are packed gravel and roadmix, nothing challenging to ride but the boots protected his feet nicely against the gravel.

Next we did about 10 miles with friends on BLM land in Whitehall MT. Dakota was awesome and so were the boots. This ride was steep climbing over shale and rock, and we bushwhacked much of the descent over downed trees, through brush, and some deep forest dirt. I was really impressed that there was nothing more than a trace of dust in the boots and they stayed on through all that terrain.

After that we did 13.5 miles with a friend, about 4 miles of which consisted of large rocks, deep rushing creek crossings, and rocky switchbacks, followed by about 9 miles of road riding, with a good amount of trotting. Again zero issues with the boots.  And zero issues with the horse.

Then we headed to the OTO Ranch in Gardiner, MT for a planned 17 miles with friends. This is where we put the boots to a new kind of test. I'm not sure what got into Dakota, but he threw a bucking fit when we were barely out of the parking lot. We lunged him and a friend ponied him through the hills, lead him for a while, I got on and was promptly bucked off again. Thankfully nothing hurt but my pride. And my confidence. I admit he seemed tense from the beginning of this ride. It was his first time he had ridden in someone else's trailer (and a slant vs. a straight load), with someone else's horse, and without his brother. Probably if I had ground-worked him before hopping on, or, hand-walked him for a ways like I usually do, before we could have avoided it all. There was a corral at the ranch and we decided to forego the ride and spend our time there waiting it out while my friends did the ride. We will be going back to the round-pen at home! 

Our boots did not budge over 30 miles of riding and two impromptu rodeos!
Yes, Scoot Boots, the boots that stay on, even when you don't!

I'll soon be back to sharing more *successful* Scooting experiences!

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