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Fitting and Trial Program - Scoot Boots

Your hoof boots are an investment and a good fit is key to successful booting. But how do you know you are getting the very best fit? I can help! I will look at your measurements, send you several sizes of boots to try on, and look at the fit with you via video. But that's not all - the proof is in the riding -  you get to trial your new boots for 2 weeks! 


For remote fittings I will need measurement photos of clean hooves, ***taken as soon after a fresh trim as possible***. Please either  label the photos or indicate which hoof each photo is in your message.    

  • For width position the ruler at the widest part of the hoof.
  • IMPORTANT: For length go toe to heel (0" at the toe!)

You can send to me using one of the following methods:

I will look at your measurements, determine sizes for you to try on and send you an invoice. Fitting boots are a $15 deposit each, refunded when boots are returned.  I usually send you four sizes to try on. This allows us to compare sizes side-by-side to ensure the very best fit! I send you a label for easy return shipping, FREE with boot purchase.


Remember this video is just a guideline. Your boots will not likely fit exactly like this. 


Please follow carefully - the videos are quick and easy but there is a reason for every instruction :) 

BEFORE taking each video, put the boot on and walk your horse about 10 feet.  This is simply to make sure the hoof is properly seated in the boot. 

For boots you think might be a good fit, send me the following SHORT video:

  • State horse name, hoof, and boot size (Fluffy, Left Front, Slim 3). 
  • Pan around the hoof, holding the camera steady for a few seconds on:
    - the front of the boot (for Enduros, move the mud strap aside)
    - each side of the boot,
    - moving your finger around in the heel strap
STOP the video and do the twist test. Take note of whether it twists.

    Send me the videos using either: 

    • eMail: timberlinetack@gmail.com (separate emails if video files are large)
    • Facebook Messenger: https://m.me/TimberlineTackAndScootBoots
    • If possible, avoid sending by phone text as they will come over small and blurry. If that's the only way you can send I can work with it :)


    Once we determine your size, I will send you a new pair of boots.  You may trial the boots for two weeks starting on the day after they arrived. If you love them you are all set, you keep the boots. If they are not working out you can return them postmarked within 2 weeks and I will refund you your purchase price less $20 ($25 for Enduros or Equine Fusions).  See returns policy link at bottom of page for additonal details on returns after 2 weeks and return policy for heat fitting, accessories, etc. 

    Because of my fitting program, most people keep their boots and have no trial fee!!! I provide follow up support if needed after your purchase. 

    This program takes away the worry of what happens if your boots are not a good fit. I try and make buying the boots as easy as using them! 


    Most horses are very successful in Scoot Boots, but like a saddle or any new tack, care should be taken to introduce your boots to your horse with a break in period. This allows your horse to get used to the boots and for the boots to form to the hoof shape. With that in mind:
    - Keep the first few rides to a few miles.
    - Check for rubbing, twisting or any other issues during these rides.
    - Always use gaiters at first.
    - Gradually increase speed and mileage. 
    - If using boots for turnout check them several times a day at first and then once a day thereafter. 
    - Try and use the boots at least once, preferably twice a week through the first trim cycle so stretching of the boots will keep up with hoof growth. In future trim cycles you can use them "whenever", just make sure your fit is still good and you can get a finger in the heel strap with gaiters off. 

    When reviewing your initial measurement photos I will always be up front about factors I see that may result in Scoot Boots not working. The better the photo quality the easier this is to determine! If you receive fitting boots and we determine they are not a good fit, or you choose not to purchase boots, I will hold back my return shipping expense (usually between $10-13) from your fitting boot refund. But I will then issue you store credit in the amount of that shipping, which can be used within 6 months towards any item in my store! 


    A late fee of $10 will be held back from your fitting boot refund for boots kept more than 3 weeks, but this will be waived if extra time is requested in advance.


    If we get a fit but you choose not to purchase boots or you return new boots, a $10
    fee will be held back from your refund to help cover my credit card fees which run almost $10 per pair. Note that I do not charge for my time spent fitting.


    I’m always happy to answer any questions. Here's how to reach me:

    eMail: timberlinetack@gmail.com

    Click here to Facebook Message me: https://m.me/TimberlineTackAndScootBoots

    Join my FUN and informative Facebook group: Scoot Boot Adventures

    Text or Phone me: 406.223.3871

    H a p p y    S c o o t i n g !

    PS: If you've already been using Scoot Boots and just want to order another pair, click herehttps://timberlinetack.com/collections/featured/products/scoot-boot-pair