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Scoot Bootin' through the Mud

Finally got to do some Scoot Boot mud testing after a few days of rain. Our pen is all clay, no sand and we just graded it so it is extra sticky, deep and mucky. If you're not familiar with the clay mud we have around here, it is so bad that it has a name "Montana Gumbo". It can pull your human boots off, and I once made a little clay bowl out of it - really! 

This short video will give you an idea of how these boots go in the mud. Turn your sound on if you want to hear the slo-mo squishy sounds :)

The boots did not come off or twist at all. 

It's hard to see in the video but this stuff really sticks to your feet and to me, feels like I am wearing weighed-down clown shoes. Given that, Dakota is moving pretty good and not slipping too much. In the still photos you can see how deep it is, to the top of the boot. At some point I'll find some even deeper mud to play in.  

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