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Equine Fusion Ice Stud Kit
Equine Fusion Ice Stud Kit

Equine Fusion Ice Stud Kit

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The Equine Fusion Stud Kit is designed to provide added traction year-round for winter ice or spring mud conditions. Care should still be used when riding in slippery conditions. 

The studs are easy to install and provide very good traction on snow, ice and slippery mud without compromising the important properties of the jogging shoes.

Studs can be easily installed when needed, and then removed when they are no longer needed. The kit comes complete with a special tool to make installing the studs a breeze.

It is highly recommended to use an Equine Fusion Dampening pad inside the Jogging shoes while using the studs. This is to ensure the most comfortable ride for the horse, and the best duration of both the sole and studs.

‍The set includes 36 studs and an adapter for installing them. Recommended number of studs per boot: 
Size 7: 10 studs per boot

Size 8: 12 studs per boot

Sizes 9-10: 14 studs per boot

Sizes 11-16: 18 studs per boot

These studs are a little smaller than the Scoot Boot studs that we also carry. 

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