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Equine Fusion 24/7 Glue Single Kit Package - 25ml

Equine Fusion 24/7 Glue Single Kit Package - 25ml

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Equine Fusion recommend the 24/7 Glue Adhesive on the jogging shoes. It is important to follow the instructional flyer that comes with the shoes. Always wear gloves when you handle the glue and operate in a ventilated area. These kits contain 25ml of glue. 

Technical Features

  • Ensure that the glue is kept at room temperature, and never below freezing point (this will damage the glue)
  • The 2-component adhesive has a processing time of 20-30 seconds and a curing time of about 3 minutes at room temperature (20-25 degrees Celsius).
  • Be aware that the processing- and curing time will be impacted by the temperature operated in (lower temperature = longer time, higher temperature = shorter time).
  • The glue is developed for use on animal claws and hooves but may cause irritation on skin and should only be operated in ventilated areas and by use of gloves (see HSE info attached with the glue package for further details).
  • Before mixing the glue, make sure the cartridge is equalized by squeezing out a small amount of glue to ensure that both sides are dispensing evenly.

Recommended amount of glue in one 24/7 Jogging Shoe:
Size 7-9: Approximately 15ml 
Size 10-14: Approximately 25 ml 
Size 15-16: Approximately 30 ml 

Single Kit Package Specs:  
Package contains: 25ml syringe, plastic gloves, mixing cup, wipes, mixing spoon

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