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EVA foam tape
EVA foam tape
EVA foam tape
EVA foam tape

EVA foam tape

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4 meters long (approx 13 feet). These are larger than the rolls sold direct from Scoot.

40mm wide (approx 1.5 inches)

3mm thick (approx 1/8th inch)

EVA is a soft but dense foam tape. It can be used along with duct tape to make alternative gaiters for Scoot Boots that are long lasting, low friction, and don't hold grit or water.

Economical!! You can make gaiters for 3 or 4 pairs of boots out of one roll! 

This combination can also be used to shim the sides of the boots if the horse has flares and the boots are gappy at the top.

See photos for examples.

EVA rolls are 4 meters long, 40mm wide (about 2") and 3mm thick (about 1/8").


MATERIALS: To make gaiters for a pair of boots, you'll need:

  • ruler
  • scissors
  • 12” of EVA
  • 16" of duct tape - use a pliable tape such as Duck Tape brand or IPG. Do not use stiffer tapes such as Gorilla Tape.

This video shows the process - easy to do and inexpensive!

You can use the same method for wrapping the vertical heel strap if your horse has any issues there, or you can wrap the tape around the side vents for shimming if the boot is a little wide above the side vents.

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