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Scoot Enduro Bulb Strap Extender - PAIR

Scoot Enduro Bulb Strap Extender - PAIR

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The extender is an accessory for the Enduro model of Scoot Boots, and can be used to position the bulb strap higher on high heeled horses. Price is for a PAIR of bulb strap extenders.

IMPORTANT: The Enduro bulb strap is meant to fit BEHIND the heel, NOT hook over the top of the heel like the regular Scoot Boot heel straps. Do not position the bulb strap so high that its top edge is poking into the pastern. There should be at least a finger's width between the top edge of the bulb strap and the bend in the back of the pastern. Unlike the heel strap on traditional Scoot boots, which must hook over top of the heel bulbs, on the Enduro model it is OK for the bulb strap to sit behind the heel bulbs.  This is why the extender is typically only needed on high heeled horses. PLEASE contact me for a fit check before using your Enduros

How To Use the Bulb Strap Extender (IF NEEDED)


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