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Scoot Boot Gaiter Options

When purchasing Scoot Boots I recommend using the trail gaiters that come with them, at least until the boots break in. But if you've worn out your gaiters or are having any issues with them, this article covers some options to consider.

Trail Gaiters

These are the gaiters that come with new Scoot Boots and work well for most horses. 

Scoot Boot Trail Gaiters

Trail gaiters are the easiest option and cover the areas that have the most friction and work for most horses. If they have been working well for you, it may be best to not mess with a good thing! I have them available here:


Trail Gaiters with Duct Tape

If you generally like the trail gaiters but find they are trapping sand when doing arena work or causing irritation when they get wet, you can try simply putting a wrap of duct tape around each side as shown in this photo. This helps shed water and grit. It also helps if you are having any issues with the gaiters coming detached. 

Do-It-Yourself EVA Gaiters

If you like the ideal of shedding water and grit but want a lower profile gaiter than the Scoot gaiter with duct tape, or you have worn out your gaiters and want a less expensive replacement option, consider EVA gaiters. You make these yourself using EVA tape and duct tape. EVA is a dense foam tape that provides cushioning. If your boots are a bit loose at the heel strap or you want extra cushioning at the heel strap and space allows you can also do a double wrap. 

Because they are a closed cell foam, are covered with tape, and are very low profile, they are very unlikely to trap sand and debris, and they shed water.  No velcro is involved so they are easy to clean and have a totally non-abrasive surface. And - fun fact - you can get any color duct tape to wrap them in! They do require rewrapping with duct tape once in a while as the duct tape can get frayed. Inspect periodically.

These gaiters are also economical, stay on well and are cushy.

MATERIALS: To make gaiters for a pair of boots, you'll need:

  • 16" of duct tape - use a pliable tape such as Duck Tape brand or IPG. Do not use stiffer tapes such as Gorilla Tape.

This video shows the process - easy to do and inexpensive!

No Gaiters - Going Commando!

As your Scoot Boots are ridden in, the material will soften and relax to the hoof a bit, and the boots will stretch some with use. Once the boots are well broken in and the horse is used to them, some horses are able to go without any gaiters. If you do a lot of arena work you may find this to be a good option as the gaiter is the only area where trapped sand could cause an issue. 

If you'd like to try "going commando" I suggest doing a couple of test rides before your gaiters completely wear out. This way you can always go back to using gaiters if necessary, while you wait for new ones to arrive. As is the case when trying anything new on your horse, you'll want to monitor and check the heels for any issues.

Endurance Gaiters

If you are doing endurance rides or any kind of long distance riding combined with speed, or your horse has extra sensitive skin, you might consider endurance gaiters. These cover the entire heel area as well as part of the front of the pastern. 

Scoot Boot Endurance Gaiter

Note that with these gaiters, if you already have your pastern straps on the last holes you will probably need to size up your pastern straps. If you're using mud straps, they can be worn quite tight with the endurance gaiters and don't usually need to be sized up. 

Endurance gaiters are available here: https://timberlinetack.com/collections/scoot-boots-accessories/products/endurance-gaiter-pair

As always, feel free to reach out with any questions on fitting, boots, or accessories!