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Laminitis Rehab - All Brands on Deck

Laminitis Rehab
A client's beautiful Missouri Fox Trotter was diagnosed with Equine Metabolic Syndrome, similar to diabetes in humans, and has been laminitic. We help with the rehab using Equine Fusion Recovery Boots, Scoot Boots, and Easyboot Cloud Pads

Hoof Repair - Stitching and Gluing Hole in Hoof

Hoof Repair - Stitching and Gluing Hole in Hoof
In 2010 our off-track thoroughbred, Rosie (Hey Rose), sustained a cut just above the coronet band on her right front, that eventually migrated down to her hoof in the form of a pretty large hole. We just left it and watched it for a while, but the hoof started absorbing too much water and began "blowing" out.